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Get down to a business at VTP Town Square

Arrive at the business precinct of Township Code Name Blue Waters – the VTP Town Square. From towering offices spaces to High Street, the buzz is here. It all begins here, at the Town Square of Blue Waters.

Iconic Commercial spaces
Convergence point for premier brands and lifestyle concepts
Captive corporate and residential community for retail
This G + 4 story business and retail landmark is a T-shaped edifice with 2 entrances to create an imposing yet inspiring presence
Choose from A-grade massive office spaces spread across 3,500 sq.ft. (Approx. 1 acre)
Essential shopping arena at entrance – Hyper market
Buy a commercial property in VTP Town Square in Pune

Business professionals and entrepreneurs seeking a quality commercial space in Pune should have a look into VTP Town Square. This commercial complex has been developed recently by one of the leading real estate companies in the city. If you are willing to expand your business in Pune, you should buy a commercial space in this complex.

The demand for quality retail spaces in the city has been increasing over the years. Pune has got a sound ambiance for business and the infrastructure in the city has evolved over the years. Check out the VTP Town Square price for the exact configuration that you need. The complex offers commercial spaces of various configurations to the buyers. The prices start from INR 42.16 lakhs and you can get these properties customized, as per your needs.

When you buy a commercial space in VTP Town Square Pune, you can get a good exposure to the business prospects in Pune. The city has witnessed a balanced growth of residential and commercial real estate in recent years. The residents in the adjoining areas have got the purchasing power.

They belong mostly to the high and middle-income groups, which indicate that you have a good business opportunity around. It is for this reason that several companies are looking for commercial space in the area. As the demand has been consistently rising, the prices are soaring as well.

People investing in commercial real estate in Pune now can enjoy good returns in the coming years. The rental income generated from these properties is high. Commercial investors have a good prospect of investment in these properties.

The transportation system and connectivity in Pune are well-developed. This enables the residents in the adjoining areas to get a seamless approach to the commercial stores in the complex. Eventually, you have got the potential customer base located close to the commercial complex. You may check out the VTP Town Square floor plan on the website and buy a property in Pune. The estate has been developed strategically close to the core business zone in Pune.

This enables the residents, professionals, students and other people to get across to the estate. In the coming years, this complex is likely to become a landmark area in the city. Business houses operating from the complex can get the much-needed footfall. With a high exposure to the business prospects around, you can grow your business in Pune.

The commercial complex comes with a wide range of amenities. These include a well-organized parking zone for the visitors, capable of handling pressure during the peak hours. Other amenities include a cafeteria, food court, and shopping center. Investors and business professionals looking for commercial property in Pune should buy a property in this complex now.



* Above shown data available as per resources.
Area Price / Rate Price Booking Price
420 Sq.Ft. Shops 420 Sq.Ft. ₹ 0 per Sq.Ft. 0 Th 0
421 Sq.Ft. Office/Space 421 Sq.Ft. ₹ 0 per Sq.Ft. 0 Th 0
6000 Sq.Ft. Showrooms 6000 Sq.Ft. ₹ 0 per Sq.Ft. 0 Th 0
10000 Sq.Ft. Office/Space 10000 Sq.Ft. ₹ 0 per Sq.Ft. 0 Th 0
110690 Sq.Ft. Showrooms 110690 Sq.Ft. ₹ 0 per Sq.Ft. 0 Th 0
Parking Garden
Power Backup Rain Water Harvesting
Swimming Pool Club
Gas connection Intercom
Internet Lawn
Play Station Security
Park Vaastu
Gym Servant Quarter

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Town Square (420 Sq.Ft. to 110690 Sq.Ft.) - 0 Th onwards
0 Th

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Area 420 Sq.Ft. Beds
XRBIA Hinjewadi (412 Sq.Ft. to 801 Sq.Ft.) - 0 Th onwards
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