Riddhi Siddhi


Real Estate

As the name suggests, it is the ever growing filed since ages and has been the most rewarding too. The demand in future is bound to grow further particularly with the FAST DEVELOPING COUNTRY like INDIA where the need for Real Estate is increasing exponentially.
The Need

With this increase in demand, the need for Qualified Service Provider/Consultant is increasing. In general following are the challenges that a common Buyer faces while on look out for a Right Property.

(1)Search for a Right number of qualified options available: It requires lot of Physical work.
(2) Lot of physical work involve in identifying right options amongst the unwanted properties.
(3) Legal Formalities involved
(4) Guidance on the future of the said property
(5) Negotiations
(6) Financial assistance
(7) Lot of coordination and Time involved in completing a deal

And many more…..

Opportunity for Professionals: Brokers / Real Estate Professionals /CA etc.

It is quite evident that need for Real Estate and Thus CONSULTANT is growing, after having many successful Years of operation we (Rriddhi Siddhi) are now looking forward to expand our horizons and as a part of it we are looking for competitive Associates/Franchisee’s.
Benefits for Rriddhi Siddhi- Associate/Franchisee

What is your Need :

  1. (1) New Enquiries
  2. (2) New property
  3. (3) System ( Software) to manage the business efficiently 

 What we offer:

  1. (1) Buyer Lead : We shall market all your properties through various mediums including
    1. (a)Various Leading Portals
    2. (b )www.rriddhisiddhi.com
  1. (2) Property Lead : We have got a separate team for generating the Properties , all the properties generated in your area shall be loaded in CRM. You can also upload your properties in CRM for efficient working.
  1. (3) CRM – Real Estate Software :     Access to well Developed CRM over a period of 15 years, for managing Property & Buyer, with many features highly useful for Sales
  1. (4) Legal Support through various Legal associates , for all requirements
  1. (5) Training & Support on all Business aspect
  1. (6) A wide & Trusted Network
  1. (7) Opportunity for Sole Selling

Salient Feature:

  1. (1) In One Location and Property Type we shall be having only one Partner/Associate
  2. (2) You are Free to work under your own name/brand as you feel
  3. (3) Unlimited Property Listing , Including other leading portals*
  4. (4) All marketing done with your contact details so you get lead directly
  5. (5) No Royalty or profit sharing
  6. (6) No Cap on No of Leads


What we ASK for:

  1. (1) NO Compulsion of working under our BRAND “ RRIDDHI SIDDHI” , you can choose to continue with your own Brand *
  2. (2) NO sharing of Royalty “%”, the entire Revenue is yours but a small fixed Monthly/Yearly Fee.

*Details shall be discussed in Person

For Enquires & Further details please mail at franchisee@rriddhisiddhi.com : 9225660701