Riddhi Siddhi

Sole Selling

Greetings from Rriddhi Siddhi Real Estate!

It’s our pleasure to introduce ourselves as a leading Real Estate Consultant in PUNE.

The objective of this mail is to put forward proposal for SOLE SELLING for your ongoing project.


The Need:


Your sales team normally involves your employees, a network of associates/brokers and most importantly YOURSELF.

Though Sales is the most important and critical activity in the entire business cycle but yet it is not supposed to be the core the activity for the DEVELOPERS.

Sales is a time consuming and full time business in itself, to be handled skilfully and patiently.

It has its own cycle and requirements:

  • Generation of leads,
  • Classification & Management of leads,
  • Appropriate handling and MULTIPLE follow ups
  • Guiding them in a very proper and professional manner
  • Addressing legal and other queries,
  • Negotiations
  • Converting them in to sales/clients.
  • Payment follow ups etc.


Our Role as a Sole Selling Agent:

Through SOLE SELLING, we wish to work with you in a manner which will keep your cost of sales (and may be marketing to some extent) the same or lower while reducing your effort and involvement to the lowest level thus enabling you to focus on your core activity or any other more rewarding business and thus keeping you absolutely free of this crucial work.

 We are here to ensure that by keeping us in business shall not increase your cost which do not justify our existence.

Our existence will be purely by performance, if we are able to sell we will survive else we will vanish. This makes the sole reason for us to put the best if we need to be in business.


What We Have:

  • Experience of 10+ years in the Real Estate filed
  • A Through Study and Understanding of Pune Market.
  • A Well Qualified & Experienced Team
  • A well-defined & efficient SALES process
  • Number of successful/completed deals with size ranging from 50L to 50 Cr
  • A wide and rich client data base from PUNE, DELHI, MUMBAI consisting of NRI’s
  • Our Client List Includes both Corporate & Individual
  • Association with ANCHOR Brand
  • We having large experience of the market as a consultant, certainly have an edge to educate client about the benefits of the project compared to others available in the market and thus improve project credibility & sales.



What we offer for Sole Selling Proposal:

  • A dedicated and experienced Sales Person at Project Site on (Our Payroll) to take care of all enquires and follow ups.
  • We will take care of all the marketing, promotion and Sales of the Project *
  • Commitment for the timely delivery*
  • Our fees are very Reasonable & we assure you a complete value for money.
  • You are completely relieved on the Sales part and can focus on your core area.
  • The sale does not end here for us, we are there for clients to hand hold them for their after sales regular queries and thus develop a strong bond between you and your buyers.


*Terms to be discussed in detail.
We seek your appointment to discuss the possibility of association. Please do get in touch with us on the below contact.

Mr. Nikhil Jain
Ph. No.: 9822281213
Email Id : nikhil@rriddhisiddhi.com